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Amalfi Coast Walking Trip highlights

  • Walk the Path of the Gods: 'Sentiero degli Dei'
  • Unrivalled Italian coastal walking
  • Amalfi has some of the most beautiful seascapes in the world
  • Legacy of Greek, Roman & medieval times
  • 9th Century “Maestra dei Villaggi” mule track between villages
  • Sorrento, and visit Pompeii & the island of Capri
  • Independent hotels, GPS, local support & more
  • Colourful towns, hillside vineyards, towering cliffs, shaded forests, attractive valleys
  • Green Valley of Praia & alpine-like Bomerano (start of the Path of the Gods)

Take a spring, early summer or autumn walk along Italy’s stunning Amalfi Coast and in the Mezzogiorno –“The land of the midday sun”. On a self-guided hiking holiday, discover a land where the mountains, marquis pastures, lemon groves, vineyards and villages meet the sea. A place where you could be strolling on a rugged trail for one moment and then in the next be winding down through a citrus grove, then walk through a pleasant village towards the blue waters of the Mediterranean, gelati in hand.

There is so much history, the Greeks settled here in the 8th century B.C. and looking down you can almost imagine the Argonauts rowing by enroute to tackle some Titan. The Romans came next, building villas around Positano and on Capri. Witness for yourself the destruction caused by the eruption of Mt Vesuvius in Pompeii (79 AD) on a day trip from Sorrento. In the early mediaeval period Amalfi became a major maritime city state claiming to have invented the compass and some aspects of parchment manufacture. Today, the town remains much as it was with narrow lanes and St. Andrew’s Cathedral dominating the scene.

You walk through this spectacular region using the extensive web of footpaths and mule tracks that thread along the cliffs. A wealth of natural and cultural treasures can be reached relatively easily. On a series of self-guided walks, pass close to beautiful monasteries, caves and ancient farmhouses, visit nature reserves and ruins of paper mills, whilst enjoying spectacular views during all the walks. You'll also walk through the historic towns of Amalfi, Atrani, Ravello, Scala Praiano and Positano - all little pearls set in a fantastic landscape. Finish your Amalfi Coast walking holiday with walks on the Land’s End of the Sorrentine Peninsula, the marine nature reserve of Punta Campanella, and on the famous island of Capri.

*You can also opt for shortened 6 & 8-day versions of this Amalfi Coast walking holiday.



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Make your own way to Amalfi. This afternoon stroll around the town centre or take a dip in the ocean. Visit St. Andrew’s Cathedral, which claims to also be the eponymous saint’s resting place, and the interesting Arabesque cloister. You could also visit the Museo della Carta (paper museum) where there are still 14th century water-driven presses. Accommodation: Three nights are spent in a welcoming and comfortable hotel.

Meals:  Nil

The first part of the walk takes you into the “Valle dei Mulini”, the valley of the watermills. There are ruins of Europe’s oldest paper factories, dating back to the 11th century. The path then takes you up to the little village of Pontone. From here there is an optional walk to the Torre dello Zirro, which is a marvellous picnic area with spectacular views of Amalfi to one side and Atrani to the other. From here it’s about an hour’s walk to Ravello, another highlight of the Amalfi Coast. You could visit its beautiful Romanesque church. Or visit the garden at Villa Rufolo (developed by a Scot) and just down the way, the garden at Villa Cimbrone (developed by an English Lord). Both have views from their terraces that have been described as the most beautiful in the World. From Cimbrone, walk steeply back down to Amalfi town, passing through beautiful Atrani. Look around its town centre's narrow white little streets. The last short stretch to Amalfi is very scenic and has beautiful viewpoints of the city centre. Ascent/ Descent: 640 metres approx.

Meals:  B

Short transfer by bus to Scala (tickets not included or optional steep walk). From Scala walk into the Valle delle Ferriere, one of southern Italy’s most beautiful nature reserves. See some spectacular scenery, walking over comfortable footpaths underneath the towering cliffs and passing close to some little waterfalls. The hiking path then gradually descends through the forest towards the little village of Pogerola. There is a nice bar here with a balcony overlooking Pontone and Ravello, a veritable rest stop for an afternoon coffee, wine or beer. From here a beautiful, reasonably graded medieval stepped mule track curves down back to Amalfi, amidst lemon groves and marquis. Ascent: 300m / Descent: 550m approx.

Meals:  B

This is the most strenuous day on our Amalfi Coast walking holiday and is quite exposed if it is hot. You start the day walking along one of the oldest streets of the area: the “Maestra dei Villaggi,” or highway of the villages. It is an old paved mule track dating back to the 9th century. Pass the little villages of Lone and Vettica before arriving at the imposing monastery of Santa Rosa, now converted into a hotel. The route descends to the coast again passing some charming churches beautifully located above the rocky shore. You then descend steeply to the spectacular fjord of Furore, which is the ideal spot for lunch. Luigi runs a tiny restaurant down here and will prepare for you whatever his catch has been that day. From here you could take the bus to your hotel as the rest of the day is strenuous, but no less beautiful. After a steep stepped ascent, walk past the church of Sant’Elia into the Valley of Praia. The path threads its way into the wild terraces, uncultivated for decades, and there is some walking close to cliffs. After passing a house once occupied by a locally-known wizard, it is time to drop into the coastal town of Praiano. Opt to descent to the very picturesque inlet of Marina di Praia, its tiny old harbour. Praiano is spread out over about 3km with upper and lower parts and has a couple of tiny beaches in natural inlets. Ascent / Descent: Approx: 820 metres. * You can shorten today’s walk by taking the bus at the lunch spot, around half way into the day. Accommodation: For two nights we use several accommodations, our usual one has great sea views above the old coastal watchtower and marina.

Meals:  B

Walk from the hotel through the streets of Praiano uphill towards the little church of San Luca, the old heart of Praiano. From here, on an easy path above the village, you walk into the Valley of Praia. This is a beautiful green valley with many vineyards clinging to the cliffs. Then climb steeply up to the caves of Santa Barbara; another short section uphill allowing you a visit to the authentic, alpine-like village of Bomerano for a coffee. Returning a little way brings you to the beginning of the famous “Sentiero degli Dei” (Footpath of the Gods), a walk with unrivalled views. After a very panoramic stretch with views as far as the island of Capri, start the descent back to Praiano, walking over centuries-old steps. Some of these sections are steep. Ascent / Descent: 660m approx.

Meals:  B

Along an old pilgrims’ path, twist uphill to the monastery of San Domenico. It is set in stupendous scenery, dominating the coast from its hillside terrace. Stop to admire the view before continuing uphill for another stretch through spectacular scenery with bizarre rock formations and luxurious vegetation. Then follow the last stretch of the “Footpath of Gods”, which really lives up to its name, through unique scenery to the hamlet of Nocelle. On the way there are some high cliffside trails overlooking the sea and views down to Praiano and onto Positano and Capri. Passing another attractive valley, arrive in the little village of Montepertuso from where a choice of stairways takes you down to Positano itself, one of the most charming villages of the coast. Ascent/descents: 645m Accommodation: Some accommodations we use in Positano will offer you great location and unbeatable sea views

Meals:  B

Catch the local bus up to Montepertuso, where you start the walk above the valley of Positano. Following ancient footpaths through the forest and along marvellous viewpoints (some clifftop walking) climb towards Santa Maria al Castello. This is the old fortress that defends the narrow valley between the Amalfi and Sorrentine-side of the peninsula. On the way up there is a beautifully engineered section of steps known as the ‘Tse-Tse.’ From here oversee both the Gulf of Salerno and the Gulf of Naples. Through a nice wooded area in a parklike landscape take an easy trail to the ‘Caserna Forestale’, a foresters’ house. From here your Amalfi Coast walk continues through the forest and with a number of zigzags descends down to Montepertuso. Along another medieval mule track you then descend back down to Positano. Ascent / descent: 450m.

Meals:  B

Today, travel by bus to Sorrento and either visit Pompeii or walk to the Villa of Pollio & Bagni Regina Giovanna. Sorrento is a great place to stroll through its charming little streets with fabulous views of the Bay of Naples or to do some relaxing on the seashore. Pompeii Option: From Sorrento, take the local train to Pompeii for a day’s visit. This is the world’s most intriguing Roman excavation. A full visit will take at least half a day as it is a substantial site. Also take some time to visit the historical town centre of Pompeii's ‘new’ village with its famous cathedral (one of southern Italy’s most important pilgrims’ destinations) before returning to Sorrento. Villa of Pollio Option: A short walk from Sorrento takes you to the Roman Villa of Pollio, beautifully located above a small natural inlet with wonderful views over the Bay of Naples. The villa has a natural spring, known as Bagni Regina Giovanna, and a private beach - both ideal places for a swim. Walk or return by bus to Sorrento. Distance: 3.2 km/2 miles (one way), 6.4 km/4 miles return, 100m ascent & 150m descent from Sorrento, and reverse on the way back. Accommodation: The last three nights are spent in Sorrento. Please note that there is a baggage transfer included between Positano and Sorrento, you however will need to make use of local (public bus or ferry) transport or take a taxi as the vehicle moving your luggage is not licensed for passengers.

Meals:  B

Catch the local bus from Sorrento to Termini, the last village of the Amalfi peninsula. From here you walk up to the small chapel of San Costanzo, with great views over both Gulfs (Salerno & Naples) and Monti Lattari above Positano. Next, take a beautiful but rough and rocky path running along the impressive cliffs of the ‘Finis Terrae’ - the end of the Amalfi peninsula. The walk descends through disused terraces and scree with views over to Capri 5 km/3 miles away and also down to the neighbouring Ieranto peninsula. You will eventually arrive at a headland called Punta Campanella with the old ‘Martello’ type stone Minerva Watch Tower (1334, restored 1567). There were a temple and villa dedicated to Athena & Minerva originally on the site. The path returning to Termini is more comfortable and an extension can be planned from the charming village of Nerano to the Bay of Ieranto. This is one of the most beautiful and unspoilt bays of the area, which includes some very interesting terrestial flora. The area is owned by a private trust (F.A.I.) but the access is free. There is another stone tower and open air agricultural and quarrying museum. You could also have a swim before returning to Sorrento by bus. Distance: Termini Circular Walk: 7km/4.3 miles, 2.5h, total ascent / descent 500m approx. Distance: Ieranto Peninsula Circular Walk: 4km /2.5 miles, total ascent / descent approx 150m, allow 2-3h.

Meals:  B

Capri is an island that has been famous since Roman times for its beautiful location and healthy climate. Follow a lovely circular walk around part of the island, with a few steps involved but not as many as on other days of this Amalfi Coast walking holiday. The walk takes you to some famous spots such as the ‘Piazzetta’, where you can rub shoulders with the rich and famous. View the three sea stacks known as the ’Faragliani’ and stroll the narrow streets of the village centre. Today's walk also takes you along to the Villa of Emperor Tiberius, called ‘Villa Clovis’. For a small entry fee one can wander through fairly well preserved Roman remains of brickwork arches. From here loop to a great natural arch overlooking the sea and then down to some grottos. Coming back to Capri town, you can visit the Monastery of San Giacomo and the Augustus Gardens. Relax, do some shopping, or drop down to the seaside on the other side of the island for a lunch at Marina Piccola before returning to Capri town. Mid- or late afternoon, head back to the harbour at Marina Grande for your return boat to Sorrento. This is a day which really lets you feel the charm of the island, without generally getting trapped in the mass tourism which affects Capri town.

Meals:  B

After breakfast, return to Naples by seasonal ferry, bus or train, or taxi. There is a direct airport bus from the train station. Depart Naples.

Meals:  B



The map and elevation chart are for illustrative purposes only and meant to provide general guidelines.
On self guided trips, actual route information provided before departure will be more detailed.


  • 10 breakfasts
  • 10 nights in charming hotels on a twin share basis with ensuite facilities
  • Luggage transfer
  • Information pack including route notes & maps
  • Emergency hotline
  • GPX track files

  • Evening meals, lunches & beverages
  • Entrance fees
  • Travel insurance
  • Travel to the start and from the end point of the trip
  • Personal expenses such as laundry and phone calls
  • Unscheduled transfers required during the trip
  • City Tax - locally payable to the accommodations
  • A supplement will apply if you are travelling solo or book a single room
  • Guide - this is a self guided holiday





Moderate. One day (Day 4) is more challenging than the average, and one of the Sorrento options is rockier than any of the other walks. This tour is suitable for those who have had some experience of walking and are in good general physical condition. There are lots of ascents and descents on stepped trails, and so this is not a good walk if you have issues with your knees. Most days are not too long, but some people will find this tiring in warm weather. Please note you can expect to walk in high temperatures in late June, July, August and September.

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Daily from 15 Mar to 31 Oct (except 28 Jul - 17 Aug)


Mid Season
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Peak Season Supplement
Mid season is from 1-31 May. High Season is from 1 June - 27 July. Peak season is 18 Aug - 8 Oct. A supplement applies for mid, high and peak season departures.
6 or 8 day version ending in Positano available (codes JA6 & JA8).
10 day version available with Cilento Coast extension (code JAH).
Please note that minor changes to your 2024 itinerary may apply.

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  • Mid Season Single SupplementGBP£900
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Frequently Asked Questions

The prettiest way is to fly to Naples, then take a train or bus to Salerno and then take the ferry to our first hotel on the Amalfi Coast.

Yes, you will find many steps on our Amalfi Coast walks. A number of the trails have successions of steep stony steps, while there are also long sections on footpath trail.

Yes, the Sentiero degli Dei (Path of the Gods) is followed on two consecutive days in between the villages of Bomerano and Nocelle.

We don't advise taking this walk in the summer, when there is a lot of direct sunshine. If it is too hot for walking on a certain day, then you could take the bus service or ferry between the villages and you could opt to go swimming or sightseeing instead.

The Amafli Coast is a very popular area with tourists and this means that the towns there can be very busy especially around beaches, churches and shopping areas. The Sentiero degli Dei is also a busy path with a lot of walkers. However on most of the trails you will find few walkers and some can even feel remote.

Although vertigo is subjective, this walk is not appropriate for severe sufferers, but should be ok for mild sufferers. There are cliffs and rocky sections of path on our Amalfi Coast walking holidays.

There are many restaurants in Amalfi and although it cannot be classed as cheap, a lot of the restaurants offer different types of set menu, some are very reasonably priced.

The Mediterranean maquis vegetation can grow fast in the spring, so certainly parts of trails need a bit of care for route finding especially at that time of year.

We would recommend that if you want to visit Pompeii, Mt Vesuvius and/or Sorrento that you request our team to book an extra night for you. You can either do this in Sorrento or Naples, from where you can join the Circumvesuviana train which links all these places together.

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